To develop the very best beauty professionals, SHNI has transformed the approach to beauty education. From investing in upscale facilities that rival high-end salons, to the developing advanced curriculum that better prepares our students for career success, to the methods used to teach students how to build lasting client relationships, SweetHead Naturals has indeed raised the expectations of what a great beauty education can be naturally. SweetHead Naturals Institute has the intent to redefine beauty education.

What To Expect

Cosmetology Program


SweetHead Naturals Institute (SHNI) is a training facility that produces the most affluent Cosmetologists in the industry.


SweetHead Naturals Institute, introduces a new inspiring concept and innovative beauty school curriculums, providing students with advanced technical skills, ethics, professionalism, and leadership values.


Due to rapid growth in natural hair care services, in the beauty industry, particularly in the more upscale segments of the market.

Salon owners are asking for new technicians to possess technical skills in natural hair care, customer service and client-building skills. SHNI is filling this need by producing salon-ready licensed professionals by the state of Missouri, who are eager to start their successful careers. 


Get ready to take a holistic journey as you prepare for your career being a licensed cosmetologist with a special emphasis on natural hair care. Your journey will take place throughout three phases of learning:

  • The latest Cosmetology Techniques

  • Natural Hair Care

  • Texture Type

  • Locs

  • Cornrows

  • Braiding

  • Cornrows 

  • Natural hair up-styling and finishing

  • Hair coloring and lightening

  • Precision haircutting skills

  • Manicure, pedicure, makeup and facials

  • And much more

  • Ingredients Glossary 

  • Herbal Science

  • Creating Professional Haircare Formulations

  • Formulating and Making Shampoos

  • Formulating and Making Conditioners

  • Formulating and Making Skincare

  • Lab Skills, Equipment, and Packaging

  • And much more

  • Salon Ownership

  • Marketing

  • Sixteen Laws Of Success

  • Business Management

  • And much more

 All of these lessons will allow students to have the necessary 1500 hours of training that’s required for licensed cosmetologists in Missouri.

Skin Esthetics Program

Learn green science of skin care

Your esthetician training will be unique as you merge the power botanicals

with modern science. Learn the importance of a holistic approach. 


Our Esthetics program offers comprehensive, professional training in a

variety standard aspects of the esthetics industry.

Our program features education in:

  • Skin analysis

  • Knowledge in skin disorders and conditions

  • Skin anatomy and physiology

  • Facial treatments

  • Facial massage techniques

  • Natural exfoliation

  • Body treatments and services

  • Hair removal systems

  • Formulating and Making Skincare Products

  • Lab Skills, Equipment, and Packaging

  • Mechanical and electrical facials

  • And more!

The Esthetics programs consists of a core training phase and an advanced

technique phase. The training program hours is 750 hours the program include

online learning.

Natural Skin Care

Nail Healthology Program


Our Nail Healthyology program covers a variety of knowledge

in skin care and treatments.


Our curriculum includes:

  • Natural nail health and beauty

  • Nail enhancement and extensions

  • Spa manicures and pedicures

  • Relaxing massage techniques and reflexology

  • Customized moisturizing treatments

  • Advanced filling techniques

  • Creative nail artistry

  • Formulating and Making Skincare

  • Lab Skills, Equipment, and Packaging

  • Salon business

  • Marketing

  • And much more!

The Nail Healthyology program has both a core training phase

and an advanced technique phase. This program is a 400-hour program.


Instructor's Program

Our teacher training program consists of curriculum development,

classroom demonstrations, presentation techniques, guest service

supervision, developing coaching and mentoring skills, student consultation

skills and understanding the school management program.

This program is a 600-hour teacher training program. 

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