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The Brick We Lay 
Student Sponsorship Program 

Change a Student’s Life Today

Sweethead Naturals Institute is a private independent school our students pay out of pocket for their tuition. We find when students have to pay out of pocket, students are more serious about their education. For some it can be a struggle financially.


The school offers scholarships to qualified student up to $5000 toward their tuition. We have created a fund called The Bricks We Lay. This a tuition assistance program offered to qualified students


Sponsor a Student Program Keeps SweetHead Naturals Institute Free of Federal Funds

which has a lot of red tape and stipulations for our students. We have promise to give our students a great debt free start in their career as salon professional. 


Since SweetHead Naturals Institute has decide to not participate in federal government funding, this allows our tuition to remain affordable for our students.

When you sponsor one of our students we display your name or business on our wall ate the school on our bricks in your honor.

If you want to know more about the The Bricks We Lay Fund or how to sponsor a student visit our contact page. our Administrative Director will reach out to you to give you more information.

We rely on generous people like you to help bridge the federal funding gap by sponsoring students in need.  By sponsoring one or more students, you motivate our students to stay on course and feel the need to complete the program, because someone else thought enough to invest in their education. 

As a sponsor, each year you will see your impact through:

  • Profiles about your sponsored students

  • Handwritten thank-you notes from your students

  • Your name or business on our wall of bricks in your honor.

  • Your business name on all our school merchandise.

  • Free tickets to our annual events

This academic year, SweetHead Naturals Institute must close the federal funding gap for 150 students.  Gifts starting at $6,000 empower these students to pursue a quality education in the beauty industry.

Will you sponsor a student today and keep
SweetHead Naturals Institute free from federal funding?

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